Forging the path through the digital landscape of the present and future.

What IS Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Any technique that enables computers to mimic human intelligence using logic, if-then statements, and machine learning (including deep learning).

A subset of AI that uses machines to search for patterns in data to build logic models automatically

A subset of ML composed of deeply multi-layered neural networks that perform tasks like speech and image recognition


Our approach is centered on human experience to create innovations that help enhance people’s lives instead of being encumbered by technology.

How do we fulfill this mission?

We are pioneers in the field artificial neural plasticity.

Our patent-pending technologies are geared for the emerging fields of:

  • Self-repairing and auto-generative networks
  • Faster responding cybersecurity countermeasures and isolating malicious code
  • Augmenting aspects of human capability

We target these areas to bring value to the human condition. Our innovations support meaningful research and provide robust data analysis to build better systems and enhance performance in public and private sectors.

Our commitment to deep learning, cutting edge algorithms, expanded opportunities for neural plasticity, and our relentless pursuit for answers to the question, why, are what position us to offer new solutions to current challenges.

Understanding the problem is only the first step. Knowing why the problem exists and creating solutions that won’t get bogged down in those same areas is key. Systems that can navigate sticking points while offering efficient and effective resolutions will forge the path through the digital landscape of the present and future.

Technology advances year after year. Progressive Heuristics represents an opportunity to invest in and support a company that is positioned to maximize all that the landscape has to offer and bring even more to the digital marketplace. We are committed to not just researching methods and practices, but to turning those tooled experiences into actionable solutions and products to improve processes and lives. Most of all, we believe technology and its advancements are for everyone regardless of race, creed, or neurodiversity presentations.